Ketosis is a fat-burning metabolic state reached via low-carb, high-fat dieting—which can be a grueling process altogether when you’re not sure what to eat. KETO KITCHEN | 2GO eliminates some of the guesswork by delivering gourmet, ready-to-eat keto meals made with wholesome ingredients grass-fed beef and cage-free eggs. Sample menus include salmon deviled eggs, sloppy Joe and a peanut chicken skillet. There are two plans to choose from, 15 ($265) or 20 ($325) meals per week, and deliveries are made Sunday through Wednesday in the evenings.

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If you thought Keto was just for shedding pounds, the Keto Kitchen 2GO founder Michelle Areces says think again.


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One of the best decisions I made during quarantine was ordering a keto diet meal delivery service from Keto Kitchen | 2GO. Their kitchen is located in Little Haiti and they pride themselves on cooking organic keto meals delivered daily. The best part? Delicious meals aside, I lost the dreaded “Quarantine 15″ and feel better than ever.

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I am a foodie at heart. 

Before my chronic illness set in, I used to eat at the finest restaurants in Miami and around the globe.  In my prior life, every meal was a celebration of life.  I loved discovering new flavor profiles and experiencing new cultures through food. 

When I became ill, I could sometimes hardly muster the energy to heat up a frozen dinner in the microwave.  When the debilitating symptoms that are characteristic of my illness manifested – pain, over-the-top fatigue, brain fog, loss of zest for life – they highjacked my life. 

After seeing countless doctors, undergoing a myriad of tests and scans and taking dozens of different medications and supplements, I began to fear that life as I knew it was over. 

Then I met Michelle Areces. Chef Michi, as I call her, is the mastermind behind Keto Kitchen | 2GO.  When Michelle heard my story, she told me I had to go back to basics.  Having fully recovered from a similar chronic illness herself, she was convinced that the key to regaining my health and vitality was the keto diet. 

In addition to the dozens of medications and supplements I ingested over the course of four years, I tried various diets in my quest to feel better: gluten-free, sugar-free, low carb, Paleo, GAPS, everything in between and, when I was feeling particularly down, my all-time favorite – the high carb high sugar diet (read, tortellini or other pasta, with crusty Italian bread, followed by a big piece of carrot cake for dessert).  None of these diets did anything for me. 

Then I started the Keto Kitchen | 2GO program.  This isn’t just any Keto diet plan.  Chef Michi combines the science of macro-management  with the culinary arts and uses only the finest organic ingredients to bring her clients a daily organic keto meal plan that is perfectly balanced to achieve ketosis while including everything from classic comfort foods to exotic global cuisines. 

Although I felt worse initially, as my body rid itself of toxins, I started to feel a little better each day.   I have now been on the Keto Kitchen | 2GO program for 4 months, and although I am still in the process of recovery, I am no longer a hostage of my illness.  My symptoms get better each week and I am confident that I will soon be fully recovered. 

I never could have imagined that the key to regaining my health lay with subscribing to a meal plan that makes it easy to be on a diet that is as strict as the Ketogenic diet. 

Unlike other meal services I have tried, there has not been a single serving that I did not thoroughly enjoy.   Each and every meal is creatively crafted to please the palate and to give your body exactly the macros it needs to achieve that elusive state of ketosis that has allowed me to feel human again.

Although I did not sign up for Keto Kitchen | 2GO specifically to lose or control my weight, I have lost a few inches around the waist.  Which is not a bad thing. 

I wish to thank Chef Michi and the staff of Keto Kitchen | 2GO for their labor of love.  Thanks to them, I am able to follow a diet that has allowed me to live life again.  And with the incredibly delicious and inventive menus that Chef Michi puts together each day, I can still be a foodie!

Fadi Hatem


Michi me llego todo. Arranque recien.

Solo decirte que en nivel de amor y detalle que le pones es de otro planeta.

Probe medio mortadella caprese panini que es tan rico!!!

Te admiro mucho.

No me sorprende nada, pero no queria dejar de decirtelo.

Mandas amor en cajitas!!

Gracias Gracias Gracias

J. M.


I used the three meal a day plan for two months and I can’t say enough about the service. It was the absolute best! The food always exceeded my expectations and the meals were delicious, creative and nourishing.

You can tell how much thought goes into the meal planning and it’s much better than anything I could’ve made for myself. The meals helped me with weight loss, inflammation and portion control.

I feel better, I have more energy and know that my immune system is much stronger.

It has been lovely to have vibrant fresh food always ready without having to do any preparation or grocery shopping.

Highly recommend.

Michelle Shindell


As a cook and someone that takes food seriously, I must say my experience with michi’s keto diet meals was quiet positive . There was always variety, good taste and professional handling.

All items I listed above where fundamental for my diet period, and Michele handled them all very well.

Susie Wahab


Keto Kitchen | 2GO has literally changed our relationship with food at home.

For me, the mom, it means I no longer having to spend days thinking of a healthy menu for the family and then having to figure out how to prepare that menu. For my husband, he feels like we are eating different and delicious food every meal.

For my 5-year-old son it has been a miracle! It has taught him how to eat healthy food when before he would only eat white food and basically pasta everyday! He has also healed from his eczema, his behavior has improved tremendously and academically he has advanced more than we could ever imagine.

Also, Michelle is always available to consult and help us with any questions or concerns we might have. Customer service is fantastic! Food is fresh, always different recipes!

Myrna Domit


I want to say that “Keto Kitchen | 2GO” saved my life #Literally!

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune (System Sclerosis) I read about how autoimmune diseases are controlled with the Keto diet.

However to do it correctly you have to make sure it is non-factory farm animals (as they have been fed grains and corn that is #1 enemy to autoimmune) that you will be eating as well as only organic and in season produce. And Keto Kitchen | 2GO was the only one I found could guarantee this!

I started Keto Kitchen | 2GO at the same time I started my immunosuppressive treatment and 3 months into it my values in my blood test improved tremendously and my doctor said “the meds don’t work this quickly; this was all you, your diet and discipline.” She continued by explaining the meds take at least six months to start taking effect as they are unable to shut off my immune from one day to the other.

– And to top it off the food is amazing even my husband got on the keto diet meal plan with me and he lost 20 pounds.

Selene Dudot – Arvesu


I am a huge fan of Keto Kitchen | 2GO because the weight has literally melted away but most importantly I feel great, full of energy and clear-headed, as if I were 10 years younger.

It is such a pleasure to follow because the organic keto meals are SO DELICIOUS, you never feel you are restricting or avoiding anything.

Michelle is also the sweetest, most accommodating owner ready to answer any question and always ready with great suggestions.

Keto Kitchen 2GO is so amazing, I haven’t stopped since I started 6 months ago!

Andrea Botero Soler


Keto Kitchen | 2GO literally changed my life and views on healthy living and wellbeing.

After a cancer diagnosis I was about to undergo a series of treatments including surgery, chemo and radiation.

The decision to fundamentally alter how I ate and what I ate didn’t come easy, but thanks to Michelle I took the first step and never looked back. She took the time and explained in detail the ins and outs of what keto was, how it works and impacts our bodies.

Her knowledge and experience on health and keto is massive and she is always trying new things to keep meals exciting. I started with a daily plan with 3 meals a day and getting into keto has never been easier and more delicious.

For someone who has avoided meat all my life, I was devouring the dishes to the last bite. Portions are just enough to keep the bellies happy, seasoned to perfection and made with love and care. I even had chocolate desserts, which are to die for (my kids have sadly found them too).

The result?

I recovered from surgery within less than a month and had more energy than ever before. I underwent chemo with limited side effects – I was able to work through it all and take care of young kids. All of a sudden I had no more back and neck pain – little did I know it was because ketosis reduces inflammation among so many other benefits I experienced.

The convenience of daily delivery, high quality meals, and great customer care makes this place authentic and a top recommendation for beginners to pro keto lovers and anyone in between. Forever grateful to Michi and team for opening my eyes to a new way of living. I couldn’t have gone through one of the toughest journeys in my life without your help and care.

Thank you Keto Kitchen | 2GO.

Kristina Muller


A Palazio
A Palazio
February 6, 2024.
Michelle is an absolute hand holder and runs one of the best Keto meal plans in S. Florida. She is a recipe genius making the meals so enjoyable and unquestionable. I couldn’t believe that her breads and sweet treats were keto as well! I am very grateful to be able to count on Keto2Go and on its clean nutrition profile and delicious meals. I have such peace of mind knowing that I am consuming organic, ethical and humane food products. A.Palazio, Health and Wellness Coach
Serena Sherard Goodman
Serena Sherard Goodman
June 13, 2023.
The Keto diet is indicated to treat so many health problems and rightfully so. From cancer to brain health, the list is endless. Michelle at Keto Kitchen 2 Go is who to turn to when you are feeling overwhelmed with little time to care for yourself and for a jump start to the Keto lifestyle. Michelle takes the guess work and confusion out of the equation and prepares wonderful food so you can focus on healing. I highly recommend!
Anick vorbe
Anick vorbe
April 28, 2023.
I’d recommend Keto Kitchen 2GO to anyone ! It’s the luxury of changing your health while being guided by experienced people !! Food is "delicioso"!!! Well done!!!
January 9, 2023.
I’ve been using Keto Kitchen 2 Go for the last three months and I’m very impressed with the food and the owner. The dishes are delicious and perfectly suited for those following a ketogenic diet. Michele the owner is extremely friendly and helpful, and it’s clear that she is passionate about helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. Overall, I highly recommend Keto Kitchen 2 Go for anyone looking for delicious and convenient keto meals and lifestyle
Anna Thanopoulou
Anna Thanopoulou
December 5, 2022.
Keto organic food delivery is both a literal and a metaphorical life saver! Do yourself and your family a favor and try it out. We got quality, tasty, imaginative food that kept healthy and keto through some hectic times (e.g., pregnancy and newborn months). Even our overall food bills went down! Michelle is a national treasure whose passion for keto is only outmatched by her passion for helping others. Highly recommended!!
Looey Q Draws
Looey Q Draws
November 11, 2022.
The food is delicious and fresh. I look forward to seeing what meals I get everyday, as the food is always different and never tiring. Chef Michi always delivers great quality meals making it easy to stay on the keto diet. Thank you!, Luis Quevedo
Jack T
Jack T
November 9, 2022.
Ketokitchen2Go helped me lose 27/30 lbs. within 2 months. Michelle has an amazing energy and her delicious meals make it easy to stay on the diet and lose the weight.
Clara Chariff
Clara Chariff
November 8, 2022.
I want to start this review by saying that I look forward to every meal, every day! This isn’t like any other program. Michy’s meals are gourmet and delicious! I enjoy eating so many foods now that I used to dislike in the past. I had tried doing keto in the past, failed! Personal benefits: Weight loss, more energy, menstrual cramps have gone away, hunger has changed, skin glow and mental clarity. It isn’t just a diet, it is a life style!
Bullseye Studios
Bullseye Studios
November 7, 2022.
Words can’t express what a blessing it has been for me to discover KETO Kitchen 2GO and Chef Michelle Areces! I was borderline 200 pounds and just within a few weeks I was down to 171 pounds! Her food is not only delicious, but a much higher level than all the other companies I had a tried before. I truly recommend them and I assure you, that you won’t be disappointed. Rudy Perez CEO President Bullseye Productions Inc.
November 4, 2022.
Michelle saved my future! Keeping me in Health every day, cooking for me. I was taking a lot of medication for my allergies (cortisone and more). I was worst and worst, I decided to stop everything. I had to change something to change my results. I follow the Keto Diet and right after a few weeks, I was feeling with 150% of my capacities. My inflammation decreased quickly. My brain was focused like never before, my skin lighter, my mood so amazing, so it’s was a huge change. As simple as what I was eating every day. Michelle is a wonderful woman, as professional as she is kind, and she is a amazing Chef!!!! My all family is jealous when we have dinner. This is tasty and it’s a new discovery with each meal. Thank you Michelle for feeding me with your love, your talent and your healthy consciousness ???? I am so grateful.