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Keto Kitchen | 2GO is a wellness company that offers guidance, consultations, and ready-to-eat keto meals to support the improvement of your overall wellness while addressing existing health issues.

Our program is designed to promote holistic well-being and foster a culture of wellness for everyone in our community.

Our mission is to share our Love for life, help people get a healthier lifestyle and heal through our food.

michelle areces – founder


“The best part?
Delicious meals aside,
I lost the dreaded “Quarantine 15” and
feel better than ever.”

Maria Tettamanti –
Best Keto Meal Delivery in Miami
Keto Kitchen – 2GO

A sample meals of organic, grass-fed keto meals
Keto Health Alternative For Brain Cancer, Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Weight Loss


Numerous studies have demonstrated the potential benefits of the keto diet in addressing a wide range of health issues.


Grass Fed Meats
Organic Chicken
Organic Local Vegetables
Wild Sustainable Local Fish
Cage Free Organic Eggs
Organic Oils, Butter, Cheeses & Creams
Artisanal Cheeses
Fleur De Sel De Guerende Salt
10 Year-Aged Balsamic Vinegar
French Mustard
Homemade Dressings, Mayo, Tahini …

“La Crème de la Crème”

Finest Organic, Grass Fed & Sustainable Ingredients


Our clients are blown away by how good & tasty our keto diet food is. They don’t even feel they are on a diet.

Our wellness company creates organic keto meals inspired by the 4 corners of the world. We have more than 500 delicious gourmet recipes!

We only repeat your favorite dishes!

AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3

We plan, you enjoy. Just heat and eat!

Daily organic keto meal delivery insures you get your keto meals as fresh as it can get!

2 Organic Keto Meal Plans – let’s keep it simple.

No more grocery & clean up.

Provide us with your feedback immediately with our daily dish rating system.


In our commitment to Eco-friendly packaging, our organic keto delivery service applies the 4 R’s:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew.

Our bags and containers are reusable.

Our packaging is:
95% Recyclable
Made From Renewable Resource

A Continuous Variety Of Delicious Dishes
Organic keto baked goods; Breads, Chocolate Muffins, Cheesecake - Sugar Free, Gluten Free


Keto Kitchen | 2GO literally changed my life and views on healthy living and wellbeing.

After a cancer diagnosis I was about to undergo a series of treatments including surgery, chemo and radiation.

The decision to fundamentally alter how I ate and what I ate didn’t come easy, but thanks to Michelle I took the first step and never looked back. She took the time and explained in detail the ins and outs of what keto was, how it works and impacts our bodies.

Her knowledge and experience on health and keto is massive and she is always trying new things to keep meals exciting. I started with a daily plan with 3 meals a day and getting into keto has never been easier and more delicious.

For someone who has avoided meat all my life, I was devouring the dishes to the last bite. Portions are just enough to keep the bellies happy, seasoned to perfection and made with love and care. I even had chocolate desserts, which are to die for (my kids have sadly found them too).

The result?

I recovered from surgery within less than a month and had more energy than ever before. I underwent chemo with limited side effects – I was able to work through it all and take care of young kids. All of a sudden I had no more back and neck pain – little did I know it was because ketosis reduces inflammation among so many other benefits I experienced.

The convenience of daily delivery, high quality meals, and great customer care makes this place authentic and a top recommendation for beginners to pro keto lovers and anyone in between. Forever grateful to Michi and team for opening my eyes to a new way of living. I couldn’t have gone through one of the toughest journeys in my life without your help and care.

Thank you Keto Kitchen 2GO.

Kristina Muller


Time Out - Best Keto Meal Delivery in Miami Keto Kitchen 2GO Miami

One of the best decisions I made during quarantine was ordering a keto diet meal delivery service from Keto Kitchen | 2GO. Their kitchen is located in Little Haiti and they pride themselves on cooking organic keto meals delivered daily. The best part? Delicious meals aside, I lost the dreaded “Quarantine 15″ and feel better than ever.